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Testing Your Alarm Panel


  1. Call your monitoring station to inform them you are going to perform a test.
    • Call your Monitoring Station.
    • Give them your account number and password.
    • Tell them you would like to put your account on test.
  2. Make sure all sensors and zones (doors/windows) are closed.
  3. Arm the system by entering your code and wait for the exit delay beeps to lapse.
  4. Open each door/window and walk by each motion sensor.
  5. Once the entry delay elapses the siren will sound. Let it do so for about 20 seconds
  6. Disarm the system by entering a valid code.
  7. Call your monitoring station (see step one) and tell them you would like to check the status of your test.
  8. Ensure that the monitoring station received signals. If not, notify SAFE-N-SECURE at 605-543-5068.

NOTE:If you are unsure about your account number and password, it can be obtained by calling Ronnie or Tylene at 605-543-5058. A $5 fee will be applied to your next monitoring statement.