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Alarm Systems

Secure Alarm

Many of us understand the importance of having a 24-hour monitored alarm system along with the peace of mind it brings. What you may not know is the hidden costs of some alarm companies pricing.

Why pay more than you have to for an alarm system? It is common practice for alarm companies to reduce the price on the initial alarm system equipment and the installation and charge considerably more for the monitoring service. This way, they can hide the true cost of the equipment in a monitoring contract that you, the customer, are stuck in for the next 3-5 years.
The bottom line: you pay more for your alarm system when going with the other guy.

SAFE-N-SECURE believes in dealing fairly with our customers. This means:

  • No hidden fees.
  • No lengthy contracts.
  • Upfront and honest pricing.
  • Local service and support after the sale.

It is important to be able to trust your security company and its products. We feel that you cannot entrust your security to a company that keeps things hidden from you. Which is why SAFE-N-SECURE should be your alarm system provider. Contact us today for an estimate on securing your home or business with an alarm system.